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Angelo “Bushy-tail” Catalano & His Rare 1948 Fiat Van Coming To Carlton 1/3/15


Angelo Catalano veteran Italian 1952-56 Australian Sun Tour Cycling bike rider and identity,his wife Anke together with their original1948 Fiat 500 cc Van(Station Wagon) will once again be coming to this years Italian Auto Icons display on 1/3/15.

The Fiat van was the original back up -support car used in the Sun Tour road races where Angelo raced during 1952 to 1956. Angelo was sponsored by Nino Borsari,the Italian famous Olmpic bicycle rider who immigrated to Australia in the 1940’s.Nino later started a bicycle shop in Lygon Street in Carlton.There is still a neon light display of “Borsari” at Grattan/Lygon Street corner.

Angelo migrated to Australia in 1952 and commenced his career as a competition cyclist at age 19 and over a 4 year period gained many awards and recognition as a strong competitor ,especially in his success in King of the Mountain (Mt Hotham).

He was one of the first cyclists in Australia to wear a helmet .Following his early retirement from cycling, due to injury,he has progressively converted his Fiat van into a travelling museum where you can view his original restored Sun Tour bike,the original van roof loud speaker ,his extensive bike tool kit display and news clippings/ displays from his cycling career.

Angelo and his wife Anke are looking forward to catching up with their many friends from the Carlton area on 1/3/15.

For more information on Angelo and his Fiat van,please click here


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