Dishan Marikar

Dishan Marikar

An entirely self-taught automotive artist and professional photographer, Dishan is obsessively fascinated by almost anything on two and four wheels. He breathes life into metal, glass and rubber through his camera and his fine art. With work published and commissioned by local and international clients and publications since 1997, he is well respected by peers and clients alike.

Drawing came naturally, and his subjects were usually cars. Before finishing primary school he had chosen a path that would lead him towards Industrial Design. However, within a year at University, his childhood interest in photography was reignited. With the intention of taking reference photos for artwork he instead discovered an ability to create stunning art with the camera itself.

Like his subject matter, things accelerated thereafter. With greater demand for his photography, time spent drawing decreased. Over the last few years however, Dishan has been producing more detailed drawings once again.

Dishan is unlike many other automotive photographers or automotive artists. His artistic vision is his point of difference, giving a unique perspective into the exciting world of classic, sports, racing and luxury cars, thus creating captivating photographs and fine art that will stand the test of time.

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