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Geoffrey Goldberg’s De Virgilio Tribute At Lancia Clubs 2015 Biennial Castlemaine Rally


A special feature of the Lancia Clubs recent 2015 Biennial Rally was  the very informative and professional presentation by Geoffrey Golberg (internationally known Lancia owner, Lancia  enthusiast and author – Lancia & De Virgilio – at the Center) on the significant role innovative designer – engineer Francesco De Virgilio played in establishing Lancia’s international automotive engineering profile during the 1940s to 1970s.

This presentation was held in  Bingalbit’s 140 year old historic Kyneton farm property’s  woolshed  on Saturday 17th October 2015 where over 90 Lancia cars, owners and international guests were there to have lunch, display their magnificent Lancias and attend Geoffery’spresenatation.

The Lancia story is fascinating.

In particular how De Virgilio’s engineering and design skills resulted in Lancia building the first V6 engine in their successful trendsetting Aurelia (and development of its Aurelia racing team), as well as introducing the D50 Grand Prix car,theAppia and the Stratos.

Ferrari’s success in Formula I racing can be traced back to Lancia’s sale in 1955 of five D50s together with plenty of spare parts. The following year, 1956, Fangio won the world F1 drivers championship in a Lancia D50 with Ferrari badges on the body work. The rest is history.

To provide viewers ,Lancia and Ferrari fans more information on Lancia’s rich history, the following links can be accessed on  the Lancia Clubs recent display at Kyneton ,the Goldberg presentation, historic photos of Lancias cars and De Virgilo during the 1950s including the D50 handover to Ferrari executives(bottom photo).

Special thanks to Geoffrey Goldberg for allowing us to publish these photos on the IAI website and also to Australia Lancia Register for providing several of these links.

We look forward to attending Lancia’s 24th Biennial Rally in 2017.

Saturday’s presentation by Geoffrey Goldberg :
Lancia (Saturday) :


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