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IL Globo’s “The Car is a Women” Feature Article On Italian Auto Icons 6/3/16 Carlton Display


For those who can read Italian, Pino Lamberti who wrote the IL GLOBO article last week, has according to our interpreter’s translation, captured the significance and passion Italian’s have for Italian Classic cars by referring to an Italian writers quote from 1923 that ‘L’automobile e’ donna” In Aussie, ‘The car is a women’. He then explains the reasons why this 1923 quote is very relevant to Italian designed classic cars.

Special thanks for IL GLOBO for this article and for showing the photo (taken by Dishan Marikar) of three rare Lamabreta’s and a Vespa. The two Lambreta vans will be on display this Sunday between 10 am to 3 pm.

Come this Sunday to Lygon Street and share the passion for Italian designed performance cars from 1913 to 2015.


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