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Italian Auto Icons Welcomes Lambretta As New Sponsor For Their Australian Scooter Launch

Italian Auto Icons(IAI) is pleased to announce LAMBRETTA AUSTRALIA  has become a new  IAI sponsor to coincide with their national Australian launch on 25/8/18 , of the new range of Lambretta scooters through their dealer network and at special events .
IAI were privileged to conduct a ‘launch preview’ video interview at the popular Maling Road Canterbury Auto Classico on 19/8/18 which can be viewed below

 On the following Saturday ,25/8/18 Lambretta Australia arranged a special launch function at Scooterama in Fitzroy where a convey of new and old Lambtretta models together with a range of other Italian scooters and motorcycles, arrived at Tiamo in Lygon Street  for a coffee and to display  their scooter/bikes.
IAI’s official photographer, Dishan Marikar was there to capture this special display as part of LAMBRETTA’s launch .You can view the video and photo galleries here
For more information  go to
Goetz Nuegebauer   Lambretta Brand Manager
Ph   03)  9918 8010

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