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Peter Barclay’s Rare 1949 FB Lambretta Ice Cream Cart – Carlton Bound


Peter Barclays fully restored 1949 three wheel rare Lambretta scooter ice cream cart will be coming to Carlton to be displayed at two major Classic Automobile Events:

RACV Motorclassica at the Royal Exhibition Building Carlton Gardens on 30th October – 1st November 2015 and The Italian Auto Icons Event on Sunday 6th March 2016, Lygon Street, Carlton.

This scooter has been professionally restored using original parts with various parts made to LAMBRETTA’s original specifications. The Scooter has been restored to its original use as an Ice Cream Cart where dry ice keeps the products frozen to customer requirements.

Peter has been a long term collector of Italian scooters and AutoMobilia. When he became aware from Roberto, the Melbourne based “Vespa Wizard”, this fully and originally restored 1949 scooter was for sale, he moved quickly, as collectors do. After various discussions and negotiations, Peter and Roberto agreed a price as well as Peter agreeing to satisfy the vendors requirement that the scooter be displayed as an Ice Cream Cart for public display and use. Peter’s involvement with The Alley Cat Café in Canterbury ensures the scooter is on regular display as you can see from the photos below.

As with all iconic and rare cars and scooters, they have an interesting history. This scooter was found lying in a Perth suburban farm paddock for 30 years, by a retired Perth Lambretta dealer who subsequently sold the scooter to Roberto who then restored the scooter to its original specifications and use

Whilst this took 2 years to complete to original specifications,according to Lambretta’s market intelligence Peter 1949 FB is only one of five worldwide in working and original condition. In fact, this scooter model was not only Lambretta’s first production of a 3 wheeler scooter ,but also the first ever 3 wheeler scooter produced. Despite receiving offers from overseas and local collectors to buy Peter’s rare Lambretta scooter,they get the same answer,”Sorry its not for sale” Its iconic and unique status caused problems with Shannons when Peter wanted to insure his scooter. They had to create a new insurance category to issue an insurance cover.

Peters Ice Cream Lambretta scooter/cart together with a large group of Vespas and their owners/ Melbourne Vespa Club members will be on display Sunday 5/7/15 at the Alley Cat Café concourse,May ling Road Canterbury.

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