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Victorian Alfa Romeo Club’s Spectacular 2015 Spettacolo Display


Congratulations to the Victoria Alfa Romeo Club for putting a “best ever” display of Alfa Romeos seen in Melbourne last Sunday 29/11/15 at its annual Spettacolo display. This years display also included a quality range of over 50 classic Ferraris and Maserati’s ( part of the Fiat family as is Alfa Romeo) plus some classic Lamborghinis.

Dishan Marikar, the IAI automotive photographer was there and he has compiled a photo gallery of 166 photos for your review.

We also conducted several video interviews on the day with Alfa Club officials, car owners and other Italian classic car personalities. These will be progressively posted on our Youtube channel and website over the next two weeks.

To view Dishan’s Spettacolo Photo Gallery, please click below

For limited edition Alfa at RACV club in Melbourne visit:


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