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Lamborghini Commits To 2018 SUV Launch, But Ferrari Says, “MAI” (Never)


The VW/Audi owned Automobili Lamborghini recently announced they will launch their new super luxury utility vehicle “Urus ‘in 2018 with a projected increase in Lamborghini’s combined annual production to over 5000 units.

While industry observers see Lamborghini’s entry into the high growth SUV is not without its risks as VW already has Porsche Cayenne SUV’s in the global market place as well as preparing its UK Bentley unit to launch its super –luxury SUV Bentayga in 2016. Given 75% of global SUV sales are generated by USA and China combined, rapidly changing global financial and commodity markets, could see sales growth slow, especially in China.

Despite this, Lamborghini’s CEO, Stephan Winkelmann, (born in Berlin but grew up in Rome) remains upbeat about URUS’s prospects saying “this will radically change Lamborghini”. Lamborghini owners and fans first sight of the new URUS was at a 2012 Beijing motor show ‘tease”.

Meanwhile, Ferrari is sticking to its “knitting’. Ferrari‘s design boss, Flavio Manzoni has ruled out entering the SUV market when he recently stated “the Company founder would turn in his grave if Ferrari was to build a SUV”.

The only Ferrari model that closest resembles a SUV is their FF, V12 all-wheeled drive four seater with similar space to a wagon. Costs around $625,000.

For more information on Lamborghini’s SUV and Ferrari’s FF you can go following links

For more information on Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s new model ranges, you can access Zagames website at


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