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1957 LANCIA APPIA ZAGATO (GTZ) body styling , coupled with Lancia famous mechanical engineering is truly a rare distinctive auto vintage (prototype ) of its era.

Distinctive features:

  1. Double bubble roof.
  2. Special aerodinamic rear fins.
  3. Handcrafted lightweight alluminium body
  4. Weight evenly distributed front & rear.
  5. Note: total weight 750 kg. (380 kg front & 370 kg rear)
  6. The weight equilibrium makes the car extremely stable .
  7. Engine compact v4 1100 cc.
  8. Maximum speed in excess 160 km/h. @ 5200 revs
  9. This velocity was achieved by :
    • special 36/36 twin throat weber carby
    • four speed gear box (close ratio) extremely similar to racing cars.
    • special diff ratio.
    • All of these factors were kept secret during extensive tests of this car since they were considered trade secrets.


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