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SWM’s Italian Motor Cycle’s Impressive Debut at Carltons Italian Auto Icons Display


At the recent Italian Auto icons car and bike display, the new generation SWM range of Italian on road and off road motor bikes derived from the iconic Italian and reputable Husqvarna  brand (which ceased production 33 years ago), created a lot of interest on the day from young and old bike motor bike riders.

Mojo Motorcycles acquired the Australian SWM distribution rights in 2016 and have since experienced solid support for this revived brand of bikes with a proven engineering and performance track record since their inception in 1971

The bikes are made in a modern factory (the restructured original Husqvarna factory) in Lombardia, Northern Italy.

SWM had 5 bikes on display in Carlton as well as their popular 500 R bike which has given young Victorian Super sport rider Ryan Taylor, of Powerhouse Motorcycles located at Pakenham , considerable success on track.

Interview we did with SWM’s team and Ryan

Interview we did at SWM’s North Altona showrooms


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