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Thomas Magnum’s Original 1985 Ferrari 308 GTS Coming To Lygon Street Sunday 4/3/2018


For those who were fans of Tom Selleck’s  Magnum long-running 1980’s TV series, you can see next Sunday in Lygon Street, the original and unrestored 1985 Ferrari 308 GTS that the 6 foot 4 inch good looking Hawaiian private investigator used to drive in his popular TV show.

The annual ITALIAN AUTO ICONS classic car display will be open for free public display from 9am to 3 pm Sunday 4/3/18, in the closed-off section of Lygon Street, between Elgin and Faraday Streets.

Here are some preview photos taken last Saturday in front of Tiamo in Lygon Street. 

Il Globo article on event here: 


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